Indane Gas Transfer

Indane Gas Transfer

When a customer with an Indane Gas LPG changes their permanent address, the authority responsible must be contacted to switch the gas connection to the new address. To ensure this, the link holder must submit evidence of the new residence’s address.

Indane gas connection transfer available under these situations

LPG connections may be transferred for any of five appropriate motives as noted under.

The authorities have allowed LPG clients to switch their LPG connections within the following cases:

Transfering Indane Gas Within the Same City

On the off chance that the client is shifting their residence to another area in the same city, the connection transfer can happen as follows: 

  • The client needs to visit their present Indane distributor with the SV (Subscription Voucher) that the distributor gave the client on ownership of another connection. 
  • The distributor is to be educated regarding the adjustment in the location, and the SV is to be submitted. 
  • On the off chance that the current Indane distributor of the client doesn’t serve at the new location, a Transfer Termination Voucher (TTV) containing the client’s new location will be given. 
  • This archive fills in as an authority record that the client has moved their residence location and satisfied the legitimate commitment of educating the LPG supplier. 
  • Then, the client needs to take the TTV, DGCC booklet, and new address evidence to the new Indane LPG supplier close to the new territory of residence. 
  • The new distributor will deal with the TTV into another Transfer Subscription Voucher (TSV) and generate another customer number, which can be utilized for all future LPG related exercises. 
  • The refreshed subtleties of your new location and customer number will be refreshed in the DGCC booklet. 
  • It’s critical to note that if the client is shifting residence inside a similar city, there is no compelling reason to move the distributor; the client should refresh the KYC at the current distributor to reflect the adjustment in the address. The same cylinder and pressing factor controller can be utilized that was given at the time of enrolling the principal connection. 

Transferring to Another City

If the client is shifting their residence to another area in an alternate city, the means to be followed are: 

  • The client needs to give up all the Indane gas supplies at the distributor and state their purpose behind shifting out of the city. 
  • The distributor will gather and log these details, set up a Termination Voucher (TV) and return the security the client had paid at first at the time of making the connection. 
  • The help specialist at the distributorship will inform the client about the closest Indane distributor in the vicinity in the new city. 
  • The client needs to take the Termination Voucher to the new Indane distributor and submit it in return for another Subscription Voucher and new buyer number.
  • The new distributor will assign another cylinder and regulator to the client under the new purchaser number, and administrations will continue as prior. 

Indane Gas Transfer to Family Member

Indane Gas permits the transfer of the connection to any family member. To transfer the connection from the dad who is the transferor to the child who is the transferee, the accompanying documents must be submitted to the closest Indane gas distributor: 

  • KYC of the transferee, for example, the child. 
  • The transferee needs likewise to present the character and address verification certificates. 
  • The transferee needs to give the SV voucher in his name. On the off chance that he doesn’t have the SV, a sworn statement should be submitted.
  • An affirmation from the transferee stating the transfer of the connection.
  • After every one of the records that the transferee has submitted has been checked, the Indane Gas distributor will make the SV voucher for the sake of the transferee. 

Indane Gas Transfer Outside the Family

  • A legitimate LPG connection held with all KYC files in the area may be transferred with the aid of using the connection holder to someone unrelated (now no longer the father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter).
  • ID evidence and address evidence report of the Transferor and the Transferee should additionally be submitted when shifting the connection for the distributor’s data and preserving legality within the transaction.
  • Both the Transferor and Transferee need to sign the declaration form.

Indane Gas Transfer Without Transferor’s Consent

  • If someone holds a Subscription Voucher and equipment from a specific distributor, however, a letter of consent can’t be received from the Transferor for some reason. The connection can nonetheless be transferred.
  • The Transferee needs to fill out and duly sign the declaration form and submit the specified ID and address proof.

Indane Gas Transfer from Deceased Member to Transferee

On the off chance that the Indane gas connection’s proprietor is deceased abruptly, the connection can be transferred to the lawful beneficiary, for this situation, the child. The accompanying reports should be submitted: 

  • A revelation from the transferee stating the transfer of the connection. 
  • A duplicate of the passing endorsement of the deceased proprietor. 
  • KYC of the transferee, for example, the child. 
  • The transferee needs likewise to present the character and address verification records. 

The Most Effective Method to Change the Indane Gas Distributor.

  • If a client is discontent with the administrations given by their distributor or is transferring to another area, Indane Gas permits the distributor to be changed. 
  • On the off chance that there are numerous Indane Gas LPG distributors in the client’s residence region, the person can pick the favoured distributor. 
  • Nonetheless, the assistance of choosing your favoured Indane Gas distributor is just accessible in select urban areas in the country. 
  • The client can visit Indane Gas Portal and enter the client ID and password to benefit this office.

Indane Gas Transfer Without Documents

Persons holding the LPG equipment without any connecting document, i.e.(SV/DGCC), to submit the undertaking and pay a security deposit just at the prevailing rate.

Indane Gas Transfer Form

To transfer an Indane Gas LPG connection, the customer can submit a letter Annexure A. The details to be filled in the form include the name of the current owner of the connection and the Subscription Voucher (SV) number.  Given any situation regarding the transfer of an Indane Gas connection, the transferee has to fill the following form mentioned below: Indane Gas Transfer

How to Transfer Indane Gas Connection from One Agency to Another

Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Step 1: The first one is that the customer has to request address details only of the new gas agency to that which you want to transfer your gas connection. The customer should take care of the new agency that is located close to their new home. Now the customer can even do an online search and find out the agency details nearest to their new abode. Another option is that ask your new neighbours and get information about the nearby agency.
  • Step 2: Next, remove the gas regulator carefully from the stove.
  • Step 3: Now, you have to write a transfer request addressed by your present gas agency. Just mention your consumer number and present address along with the new gas agency address.
  • Step 4: Visit the existing gas agency, and you have to submit this letter along with the gas regulator and voucher. Submit all the documents.
  • Step 5: Now, After submitting the documents, a gas transfer voucher will be provided to you. This process will complete halfway only through the transfer process, and the rest of the next half will have to be completed by visiting the new gas agency.

Transfer Indane Gas Connection from One Gas Company to Another

Individuals can follow the below steps to transfer their LPG connection to another company.

  • Visit the site, “mylpg. in”.
  • After that, you have to log in, choose the distributor that you want.
  • Then, See the distributors participating in the cluster and their star ranking in terms of distribution results (5 Star-Excellent, 4 Star-Good, 3 Star-Average, 2 Star-Below Average and 1 Star-Poor)
  • The consumer will then receive an email confirming the registration and informing the details of the procedure.
  • Since the equipment may not be compatible across companies, consumers will need to visit the existing distributor, surrender the cylinder and pressure regulator, collect the refund/transfer documents, and then approach the chosen distributor for reconnection by paying the same deposit as the previous one.
  • No transfer fee or extra security deposit will be charged for the shift of your LPG connection under the portability scheme.
  • Proactive online tracking of the portability request with escalation matrix and its closing is in place to guarantee that the user does not have any trouble switching to the Gas company of his choosing.

You can contact the customer support helpdesk of the respective gas companies or your distributor for additional information about LPG connection portability.


✅ How can I transfer my Indane gas connection from one distributor to another online?

There are a few steps that need to be followed to shift your connection online. These steps are mentioned below:

  • You must go to Login Now to exercise the option of changing your Indane Gas LPG distributor.
  • Use your login id and password to access the portal.
  • After logging in, follow the steps to update your Indane Gas LPG distributor.
  • From the cluster, choose the dealer of your choosing.
  • After that, you will get an email verifying your registration and including the application filed.

In an intra-company portability order, the customer has to go to a different distributor with a copy of the email to be enrolled.

✅ How can I transfer my Indane gas connection from one city to another?

You must take these procedures if you wish to relocate your house outside of town:

  • To start, give your Indane distributor your Indane equipment, such as your cylinder and pressure regulator.
  • Present your SV or TSV, as the case may be, as well as your DGCC, pressure regulator, and cylinder to your Indane LPG distributor (s).
  • In response, the dealer will issue you a Termination Voucher (TV) for your new location and refund the deposit kept against the cylinder(s) and regulator.
  • The dealer will arrange to collect your Indane equipment from your place, subject to payment of relevant charges, as per your order.
  • For future operations, you will be directed to the nearest Indane dealer. Likewise, you should contact the closest Indane LPG dealer to resume your supplies after you’ve relocated.

How can I surrender my Indane connection?

Sign on to the Indane gas website’s LPG surrender access page at info.php if you have a connection you want to surrender for some cause.

✅ What are the documents required for Indane gas transfer?

When moving your gas link from one agency to another, you must send the following documents:

  • Identification evidence
  • Address proof is needed.
  • Gas link voucher
  • Gas book Gas regulator (the two-page document received when you received your gas connection)

Request for move-in writing (mention customer number, current address, and the address of the gas agency you will be transferring the connection to)