Indane Gas Online Payment

Indane Gas Online Payment

Indane Gas is one of the main homegrown LPG suppliers in India. To make their payment interaction simple, Indane Gas has presented an online payment gateway on their website. Customers can now make online payments for Indane Gas. Below are the important details and benefits of Online Payment.

Features and Benefits of Online Payment 

  • Online payment causes you to save a great deal of time. 
  • It gives customers the advantage to book cylinders from any place as opposed to visiting the wholesaler’s office and remaining in long lines to book your cylinder. 
  • Shoppers don’t need to keep the money prepared when the gas is delivered at their doorstep as it is now paid online. This implies that buyers don’t need to pay a penny extra on their LPG cylinder.
  • Shoppers will get an email and SMS notice about the situation with the booking. This implies that clients don’t need to ponder when the cylinder is conveyed to them. 

Through Paytm

PayTM is a Mobile App that enables you to perform a transaction over a virtual wallet. You can use this app to complete your Indane Gas Online Payment.

  • Sign to the Paytm mobile app or website.
  • Select the ‘Gas’ option.
  • Fill in your gas retailer, which is Indane Gas and select the “Proceed” icon.
  • Enter the “Customer ID” and other features like the amount of the gas bill.
  • Select the “Pay” option.


My is another website that you can use to make an online payment for your homegrown cooking gas booking. 

Registration on My

  • Kindly visit the website of 
  • On the right-hand side, select the LPG supplier’s name. For this, kindly select “Indane Gas.” 
  • You will be approached to give your 17-digit LPG ID. To locate this number, select the state, region, your LPG wholesaler name, and your buyer number. After you enter these subtleties, in a couple of moments, your LPG ID will be generated. 
  • Make a note of your LPG ID for future references. 
  • To enrol, click on the “New User” option on the right-hand side of the page and select the state, region, LPG merchant name, shopper number, and 17-digit LPG ID. 
  • Whenever you enter these details, enter a username, email ID, and phone number. 
  • You will be approached to enter your personality confirmation subtleties like your PAN, DL, or Aadhaar data. Give any two personality verification subtleties in the space provided.
  • Enter the manual human test and click on “Submit.” 
  • You will get an email to your enlisted email ID, access this email and click on the connection sent in the email. 
  • Another page will open, and another email will be sent to your enlisted email ID. This will contain your username and password subtleties. 
  • Using these details, you can create another password and sign in.

In case of any queries, please visit Dialabank for more information about Indane Gas Online Payment.

Through Google Pay

  • While booking your Indane gas cylinder, under the “Payment Mode”, you can pick money down or online payment. 
  • Pick “Online Payment Mode.” 
  • Consent to the terms and conditions by checking the container 
  • Click on the “Make Payment” choice.
  • Pick on the mode of payment that you need to utilize check card/Mastercard/net banking choice. 
  • Enter your card details like your card number, expiry date of the card, the name of the cardholder, and the CVV number 
  • The bank will send you an OTP. Kindly enter the equivalent in the space given.
  • Your exchange will be fruitful after you enter the OTP. 


✅ Where can I pay my Indane gas bill online?

You can pay your Indane gas bill online through various platforms such as:

  • QuickPay
  • MY Website
  • Paytm
  • Google Pay
  • Using online Payment Portal SAHAJ (e-SV)

✅ What are the benefits of paying my gas bill online?

There are numerous benefits of paying bills online. Some of these include:

  • You will save a lot of time by paying online.
  • It allows customers to book cylinders from anywhere rather than having to go to the distributor’s office and wait in long lines to do so.
  • Consumers do not need to have cash on hand when the cylinder is shipped to their door because it has already been paid for online.
  • This ensures that customers would not be charged an additional penny for their LPG cylinder. As a result, extra fees from delivery boys are avoided.
  • The status of the booking will be communicated to customers via email and SMS. Customers will no longer have to worry about when their cylinders will be shipped.