Bharat Gas

Bharat Gas 

There are numerous LPG Distributors in India, public and private. Also, many of these suppliers have a huge part in assisting the residents with getting discounts and value deals. Nowadays, acquiring a gas connection has become a hassle-free process. A greater part of these organizations is their own authority sites, where you can apply for a connection and use the different services provided similarly. 

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is one of the arch-companies owned by the government within the country, with Bharat gas as one of their top product and service provider. BPCL is devoted to serve the nation by furnishing families with the fundamental asset, LPG. The organisation has over 7400 outlets sprinkled all through India and has served over 2.5 crore shoppers. Their e-Bharat gas is an online activity of the firm to help clients book LPG gas cylinders online. 

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Bharat Gas Prices in major cities

CITY SEP 2021 AUG 2021
NEW DELHI 854.50 859.50
KOLKATA 886.00 861.00
MUMBAI 859.50 834.50
CHENNAI 875.50 850.50
GURGAON 893.50 868.50

Documentation Required for Bharat Gas Connection

To start the Bharat Gas Booking system, you should have an enlisted gas connection in your name. Furthermore, when the connection is introduced, Bharat gas booking will be made through various offline and online methods. To obtain a Bharat gas connection, you must send the necessary documents to an authorised Bharat gas dealer, as mentioned below.

  • Proofs of Identity: Copies of your driver’s licence, voter’s ID, passport, or PAN card.
  • Proof of Address: Utility bills from the last few months (Electricity, water or telephone bills).
  • Certificate from the employer.
  • Possession letter / flat allotment (rent receipt).

Bharat Gas New Connection 

To have a new Bharat gas connection from Bharat gas, you should initially register with the organization. This is something that you will actually want to do online. You can finish the whole registration procedure online as well as offline. To get the connection, you should follow a specific procedure and meet certain formalities like KYC prerequisites. You will likewise need to know and comply with the standards of Bharat Gas. If you need to find out anything about getting another Bharat Gas connection, click here: Bharat Gas New Connection

Bharat Gas refill process

The e-Bharat gas online portal allows you to make a reservation from the comfort of your own home. However, if you are going to visit the site for the first time, you’ll need to build an account.

  • Go to the booking section and fill in the requested information, including the delivery date and time.
  • Keep in mind to order the next delivery after 21 days of the previous distribution.

Bharat Gas Booking Procedure

To begin the Bharat Gas Booking process, you must first register a gas connection in your name. When the link is created, Bharat gas booking is made in various ways, both offline and online.

Online Gas Booking 

The e-Bharat gas online entry encourages you to play out a booking in the solace of your home. First, you should go to and log in utilizing the given username and secret key. If you are a first time client, you need to enrol yourself on the site. Then, go to the booking area and enter the details, like opening day and convey. Kindly note that you can place a request to book a cylinder solely after 21 days of the previous circulation. 

Offline LPG Booking 

You can do Bharat gas LPG cylinder reservation using SMS too. To book utilising SMS implies, you should enrol yourself on

Bharat gas chamber can likewise be reserved by dialling your Bharat gas booking office and placing in a solicitation straightforwardly. 

Besides approaching the given Bharat gas booking telephone number, you may likewise call the Bharat gas dispersion office straightforwardly and start a solicitation for conveyance. 

List of Forms for Bharat Gas Connection

By submitting the necessary documents, applicants can book a Bharat gas connection both online and offline. Subsidies are open to all, but many from higher economic strata have heeded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call and voluntarily given up their subsidies so that the benefit can reach those who need it the most.

For the list of all the forms visit Bharat gas forms.

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Online Bharat Gas Connection

To benefit from another gas connection from Bharat gas online, kindly go to the authority site, First, you need to join the site and make an online record utilising your email id. This is basic as you are needed to sign in to make a booking for another LPG connection. Then, top off the online gas connection application shape and get a printout. You will, before long, get a call from the office. When you get the call, kindly present the application structure and important papers to your closest vendor. You can get your connection in under seven days. 

Offline Bharat Gas Connection 

To profit from a Bharat gas new connection, you can call your nearest endorsed Bharat gas provider in your area and start the way toward mentioning a connection. Then, after presenting the papers, you will get a connection in under five days. 

Rules for Bharat LPG Gas Connection Transfer: 

Different rules and guidelines apply depending on whether you’re leaving your current supplier’s zone or going to another city.

Transferring a Link Within or Between Cities:

Get a customer service voucher by submitting your initial Subscription Voucher (SV) to your current provider.
For a new SV, give both of these vouchers to your new distribution office.
You are not allowed to return the equipment (cylinder and regulator).

If you’re moving to another area, here are the rules and guidelines for transferring your Bharat gas connection:

Notify your gas supplier of your intention to cancel your service and request a termination voucher.
If you give in your old SV, you are entitled to reimbursement under the Bharat Gas LPG link transfer rules and guidelines.

Bharat Gas Connection Transfer

Bharat Gas’ LPG link is used for several purposes, including household use, farming, automobiles, drug manufacturing, and ceramics. To obtain a Bharat gas link, customers must go through a specific procedure. Since the processing will take a few days, you are strongly recommended to start this link transfer at least seven days before moving from your old location. The process is the same if you’re going between towns, districts, counties, or states.

Documentation Required for LPG Connection Transfer:

The primary documentation needed is proof of your new location’s validity (a rental agreement or utility bill in your name).

Steps in Transferring Bharat Gas connection

Send a transfer request on white paper to the retailer, along with the book and voucher.
The provider will check the previous documents and, if applicable, refund you.
You should also bring your domestic gas holder card to the dealer, along with your current residential details, to get the switch. You may also apply for it on the e-Bharat website.
It won’t take more than a week to complete the operation.

For more information-:

How to surrender Bharat gas connection

There are a few common reasons why people want to surrender their LPG connections, and each reason has a different process that must be followed. A few of the common reasons and procedures are given below:

In Case of Change of Residence within Same City:

  • If you have an LPG connection registered at a particular address in a particular city and you wish to change your residence address to another address within the same city, you must contact the Bharatgas distributor and request the Transfer Advice (called TA).
  • This TA must be taken to the new distributor that covers homes in your new location and submitted there.
  • Then the new distributor will issue a Subscription Voucher (called SV) which will contain a brand new consumer number for that distributorship.
  • You won’t have to surrender your pressure regulator or gas cylinder at this time, as it would be in the same city.

In Case of Change of Residence to a Different City:

Moving to a different city can be difficult, and not having an LPG connection in your new home can worsen.

  • If you are moving to a new city, you must entirely surrender your existing LPG connection and return the pressure regulator and gas cylinder to the distributor.
  • The distributor will then give you a Termination Voucher (called TV) and return the initial security deposit you paid when you obtain the connection.
  • After this whole process is done and you have moved to your new city, you will have to contact the Bharatgas distributor in your area and submit the TV along with the security deposit and registration/documentation fees.
  • After this is done, the new distributor will issue you a new Subscription Voucher along with a new cylinder and a new pressure regulator.

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Customer care

Dial 1800-22-4344 to get in touch with the customer care executives of Bharat Gas.

Bharat Gas Subsidy 

  • You need a ledger to join the Government LPG Subsidy Scheme for Bharat Gas. 
  • Clients get one time yet enduring development in their record before buying the principal market evaluated LPG gas chamber. 
  • The subsidy is given depending on the client’s qualification. 
  • Under this plan, chambers are offered at financed sum with impact from November 2014 till December 2015. 
  • Market cost for the coming three months. Whenever joined inside these three months (till May 2015), they get their due subsidy. 
  • The gas cylinder at market rate with impact from May 2015 gets one-time lasting cash in advance and subsidizing from enlisting. 

Stage 1: Link your novel Aadhaar Number with the ledger through Form 1. 

Stage 2: Link your Aadhaar Number and LPG Customer Number in one of the accompanying ways: 

In-Person: Submit Form 2 to the supplier. 

By Phone: Call the client care (1800-2333-555) to enrol your Aadhaar Number. 

Online: Snap and follow the steps recorded there 

Post: Send properly filled Form 2 close by the vital papers to the location referenced in Form 2 

IVRS and SMS: You can get the subtleties and methods from the site. 

The LPG connection given by Bharat Gas capacities assorted responsibilities, such as family use, cultivating, vehicle, drug-making, ceramics industry, etc. Therefore, the customers need to go through an unequivocal cycle to benefit from a Bharat gas connection.


Is Bharat Gas inspection mandatory?

For all mechanic services the dealer provides, a mandatory check is performed at the customer’s location every two years. The distributors have been told to provide sufficient receipts for the services.

Can I have 2 gas connections?

To get a second liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) link, you must demonstrate a separate cooking platform or kitchen. However, under the government’s ‘One Household, One LPG connection’ scheme, it is now illegal for a household to have multiple connections.

What is proof of a gas connection?

Mostly the KYC documents, residence proof, and identity proof are required for the Gas Connection.

How long does it take to get a new gas connection?

It will locate the nearest dealer and email or text the customer ID to them. You will make the online payment after the dealer receives the ID. In the next 3-4 days, the agency will supply the regulator, cylinder, and rubber tubing. The whole procedure could take up to a week.