Bharat Gas Connection Transfer

Bharat Gas Connection Transfer

There are probably numerous motives because of which a client would possibly need to switch the Bharat Gas connection. The proprietor is probably deceased or produces other motives for the Bharat gas connection transfer. Bharat lets its clients avail themselves the power of the connection switch. The method is smooth and hassle-free to perform.

The procedure of Transferring Bharat Gas Connection

Bharat Gas LPG connections may be transferred for any of five appropriate motives as cited under; the authorities have allowed LPG clients to switch their LPG connections under the following cases:

Transfer of Gas Connection to a Family Member:

For the functions of the Bharat Gas LPG switch, family members mean Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Brother, or Sister. ID evidence and address evidence report of the Transferor and Transferee is needed to be submitted to the Bharat Gas distributorship at the time of the switch. An announcement form needs to be filled and duly signed by the Transferor and the Transferee and be submitted to the distributor.

Transfer of Gas Connection Outside the Family:

A legitimate Bharat Gas LPG connection held with all KYC files in the vicinity may be transferred through the relationship holder to someone unrelated (now no longer the father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter). ID evidence and address evidence report of the Transferor and the Transferee need to additionally be submitted when shifting the relationship for the distributor’s data and preserving legality within the transaction. Both the Transferor and Transferee must sign the declaration form.

Transfer of Connection without Consent from the Transferor:

If someone holds a Subscription Voucher and system from a selected distributor, however, a letter of consent can not be obtained from the Transferor for some reason. The relationship can nonetheless be transferred. The Transferee needs to fill out and duly sign the declaration form and post the specified ID and address evidence.

Transfer of Connection Due to the Death of the Connection Holder:

On the occasion of the death of a Bharat Gas LPG connection holder, the subsequent family/legal inheritor will have the relationship transferred to their name. To switch the relationship on those grounds, death certificates of the unique registered LPG client and KYC files of the legal inheritor/subsequent family need to be submitted to the distributor.

Transfer Without Documents

In case any person is holding the LPG equipment without any connecting document, the connection can be regularized as follows:

  • Submit declaration as per Annexure-E. 
  • Submit Completed KYC form.
  • Proof of Identity and Proof of Address.
  • Security deposit: shall be at the prevailing rates
  • New SV will be issued against the existing cylinder and regulator.

How to Transfer Bharat Gas Connection within the same city

If you’re moving your house to a new location in the same metropolis and in that you have already got a lively LPG connection, comply with these steps:

  • Approach your distributor together along with your purchaser number and Subscription Voucher (SV) and fill out the Transfer Form.
  • Submit the Transfer Form and purchaser number with the distributor and tell them which house you are moving to and therefore require the deal with and KYC to be up to date to mirror the address change.
  • The distributor will provide you with a digital Consumer Transfer Advice (e-CTA) that’s legitimate for three months.
  • Once you’ve shifted houses, take the e-CTA to the brand new Bharat Gas distributor, who will replace your SV or provide a brand new SV in case it can also be additionally required.

It’s critical to be aware that if you aren’t moving among cities, you may keep the same Bharat Gas LPG cylinder and pressure regulator and reuse the same at the brand new distributor.

If your newest distributor can nonetheless service the place of your new deal, you may have them replace your deal with details of their KYC files and preserve filling the same cylinder in the same place.

Transferring Bharat Gas To Another City

Take these measures if you’re relocating to a new city other than the one where you’re already registered:

  • Go to your nearest Bharat Gas dealer with your DGCC booklet, SV, LPG cylinder, and pressure regulator.
  • The dealer can process a Termination Voucher if you submit your LPG cylinder and pressure regulator, as well as the SV (TV).
  • Along with the TV, the dealer will hand over the deposit number.
  • When you’ve moved to a new place, go to the Bharat Gas distributor and hand over the TV.
  • The dealer will send a new SV and consumer number, which will be updated in your DGCC booklet.
  • The dealer will provide a new LPG cylinder and pressure regulator.

Transform Form For Bharat Gas

The government has made it possible to move the LPG relation and registration, but this requires following a procedure that begins with completing a form. You can find the forms on their website.

For the list of all the forms visit Bharat gas forms.

How to Transfer Gas Connection from One Agency to Another

You first have to reach out to your present gas agency and request them for a transfer process. After the transfer process is initiated, you have to wait for 3 working days before approaching the new gas agency for the remaining transfer process completion. Following are the steps that you have to follow:

  •  First, you have to request the address details of the new gas agency to which you wish to transfer your gas connection. Then, make sure that the new agency you chose is located close to your new home. Finally, you can even do an online search for the agency details nearest to your new abode. 
  • Second, make sure that you carry the original gas connection voucher receipt and KYC documents like id proof and address proof. A gas connection voucher is different from the gas book or receipts you are given every month. It is a two-page document that you got at the time of gas connection registration. It contains details such as the number of cylinders you have, consumer number, deposit amount paid, and gas regulator device number. Make sure that you have the ID and address proof along with the gas book handy. This will allow you to prove your identification when asked easily.
  •  Third, take a plain A4 paper and write a transfer request addressed to your present gas agency. You have to ensure that you have mentioned your consumer number, present address, and the address of the new gas agency where you wish to transfer the gas connection.
  • Fourth, visit your existing gas agency and submit the letter along with the gas regulator & voucher. The person under whose name the gas connection is registered must visit the gas agency in person and furnish these documents. While this may sound old-fashioned, there is no alternative to sending one of the family members to complete this formality.
  •  Fifth, after you have submitted the documents, you will receive a gas transfer voucher which looks like the existing gas connection voucher. This process will take you halfway through the transfer process, and the next half will have to be completed at the new gas agency.

Transfer Gas Connection from One Gas Company to Another

You can do this online too. However, before transferring your connection initially, you need to surrender your cylinder, regulator or any other equipment previous equipment to the gas company as it may not be compatible with the equipment of the new gas company.

One can follow the below steps to transfer their LPG connection to another Gas company;

  • Visit the site, “mylpg. in”. Consumers will have to register themselves on the site if not registered already.
  • Once you are logged in, choose the distributor of your choice from the cluster. 
  • See the distributors participating in the cluster and their star ranking in terms of distribution results (5 Star-Excellent, 4 Star-Good, 3 Star-Average, 2 Star-Below Average and 1 Star-Poor)
  • The consumer will then receive an email confirming the registration and informing the details of the procedure.
  • Since the equipment may not be compatible across companies, consumers will need to visit the existing distributor, surrender the cylinder and pressure regulator, collect the refund/transfer documents, and then approach the chosen distributor for reconnection by paying the same deposit as the previous one.
  • No transfer fee or extra security deposit will be charged for the shift of your LPG connection under the portability scheme.
  • Proactive online tracking of the portability request with escalation matrix and its closing is in place to guarantee that the user does not have any trouble switching to the Gas company of his choosing.


Can we transfer Bharat Gas Connection Online?

Yes, depending on the procedure for different scenarios, your connection can be transferred online without any additional cost.

✅ How can I transfer my Bharat gas connection to a new address?

If you’re relocating within the same area, the process is fairly straightforward, as this step-by-step guide explains:

  • Present your initial Subscription Voucher to your new Bharat Gas dealer (SV).
  • Your SV and customer number can be compared to the information on file by the distributor.
  • If all checks out, you’ll be sent a Transfer Advice (TA) that’s eligible for three months.
  • Since you’ve relocated, take the TA to the new supplier in your new neighbourhood.
  • After you sent the TA, the dealer will assign you a new customer number and make the requisite adjustments to your account.

What is a subscription voucher for Bharat Gas?

After receiving the differential protection deposit, a Subscription Voucher (SV) will be given in the name of the current holder of the Cylinder & DPR (the difference between the security deposit amount as in the surrendered SV and the prevailing deposit rate).