Online Gas Booking 

Online Gas Booking 

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the most generally utilized cooking gas. A safe and environment-friendly gas as compared to wood or lamp oil, LPG is accessible through a comprehensive distributor network run by the major LPG gas distributors in the nation, i.e. Indane, Bharat and HP. India’s public authority additionally sponsors the expense of a fixed number of cylinders consistently, making it reasonable for family units to utilize LPG for their fuel needs. 

Booking an LPG gas cylinder used to be a long and tedious process earlier since it was done by visiting the LPG dealership in person. A delivery man with a cylinder would be dispatched depending on its availability, with LPG cylinders disappearing or not reaching the beneficiary on numerous events. Each of these woes is a relic of days gone by now, with the three public LPG providers – Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Indane Gas, making their administrations more buyer oriented and straightforward.

Now you can make the Gas Booking Online by visiting your gas company respected sites online.

How to Book LPG Gas Online

There is no doubt that for the Gas connection, and there are some distinct benefits that you can exploit on the off chance that you change to LPG at home. The benefits of LPG are available to such an extent that a few states in the nation have gone on a drive to guarantee that each family in the state approaches LPG and are furnishing themselves with awards from the state and local government. A few states recognise houses with no LPG and offer them associations, stoves, and the main cylinder free of cost. We even continue to catch wind of how the public authority has declared different subsidies for explicit pay gatherings on every LPG cylinder they purchase.

What is so incredible about LPG? The appropriate response is that the fuel is not less expensive, but is cleaner than things like lamp oil and wood. It is used as fuel for cooking and for vehicles. It accompanies the upside of simple stockpiling and more proficient combustion. 

Step by step instructions to Book LPG Gas Online

Booking an LPG cylinder is possible from the comfort of your home. Indane Gas, HP Gas and Bharat Gas all have their own online LPG booking portals, which empower clients to book an LPG cylinder refill without the hassle of calling or going to the gas dealership in person. 

  • The benefit of online gas booking is that consumers can decide to pay through net banking or Visa.
  • Consumers who are busy working and couldn’t get their refill cylinders as they were not home to pay for the cylinders can now prepay at the hour of requesting the refill.
  • When the cylinder is conveyed, the customer will get an SMS or email.
  • This service was introduced as of late and has made booking a cylinder refill more convenient.
  • To book a cylinder online, visit the site of your LPG provider (HP, Bharat Gas or Indane) and register yourself.

Whenever you have done such, you will see a choice to book a refill online. Adhere to the directions and make your instalment online or money down. 

Benefits of Gas Booking Online

  • No additional charges for Gas booking online
  • The protected and convenient technique for booking an LPG refill
  • No issue of going to a gas office or consistent subsequent meet-ups with the distributor
  • Refill can be reserved from anywhere
  • Simple instalment technique

Gas Booking Through IVRS

Clients can book a cylinder through the gas organization’s IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). 

  • A customer will have to approach using the assigned number for the specific area/state and adhere to the directions to book a cylinder. 
  • The client needs to give their client ID after calling from the enrolled telephone number. 
  • The request number and estimated delivery date will be conveyed to the client when booking the cylinder, with the instalment to be made on delivery. 

Gas Booking Through SMS

Clients can likewise decide to book their LPG refill cylinders through SMS. 

  • The client should initially enlist their mobile number with the gas provider, after which a specific arrangement is to be followed when sending the SMS. 
  • The SMS would need to be shipped off to a specific number found on the particular gas organization’s site. 

Gas Booking Through Mobile App

Clients who own advanced mobile phones can download the app (for instance, the Bharat gas mobile app) from Google Play Store and App Store and can make their refill booking. The client will initially need to enrol on the mobile app by giving their mobile number, email address and entering the OTP, sent to their RMN to confirm the registration. When the app registration is completed, it can be utilized to book a cylinder.

  • The gas organizations have introduced e-wallet instalments for LPG cylinders. 
  • The app additionally contains data like the booking history, client ID and different subtleties. 
  • The most effective method to Refill an LPG Cylinder 
  • Booking an LPG cylinder or gas refill booking should now be possible in several ways. 
  • Consumers can book LPG cylinders online through the gas office online booking site or by SMS. 
  • Don’t forget to link your aadhar card with an LPG connection.

Gas Booking Through Agency

Customers may also visit the gas agency in person to book their refill cylinders. They can reserve a cylinder by supplying their customer number, and they can pay for it at the time of delivery or later.

How to Refill an LPG Cylinder

You can now book an LPG cylinder or a gas refill in a variety of ways.

LPG cylinders can be ordered online or via SMS or via the gas agency’s online booking website.
A cylinder may also be reserved by calling the gas company (IVRS) or visiting the gas agency in your region that supplies the cylinders.

The three gas companies have adapted to the times and now offer the service to order a cylinder via a mobile application. Consumers can download an app, book a cylinder, pay for it, and handle their details from their smartphone, depending on the service provider.

Important Note

  • For all cylinders booked, 12 cylinders are provided on the subsidized rates and the rest are provided at the market price of the cylinder. 
  • The individuals who have settled on subsidized cylinders will get the endowment sum directly in their financial balances.

Check Payment Options for LPG Cylinder Refilling

There are many payment options for the customer when booking an LPG cylinder refill with Bharat Gas, HP Gas, or Indane Gas:

  • On-the-spot payment/Cash on delivery.
  • Using the internet banking method (for online booking or app booking).
  • Using a debit or credit card (for online or app booking).
  • By way of an e-wallet (for online or app booking).

Major LPG Gas Booking Providers (State-Run Companies)

HP Gas Booking

Customers of HP have a range of choices when it comes to ordering a new cylinder. Customers can book new cylinders using an IVRS service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The cylinders are conventionally ordered from dealers, but the company also offers more convenient alternatives such as booking gas online or via SMS. You must be registered with HP gas to use their services, and there are clear steps to follow when booking HP gas.

Bharat Gas Booking

Bharat Gas’s options tend to be extremely convenient and user-friendly when replacing an empty cylinder. The explanation for this is that when customers book with Bharat Gas, they choose four choices.

The first option is to send an SMS to the number specified by the dealer to book a cylinder.

The second option is to dial a dedicated number, which will direct the caller to an IVRS to assist them in booking a cylinder.
The third option is to send a particular SMS to the gas provider, which used to book gas in your name.

The fourth option is to book a cylinder online using the mobile app of the service providor.

Indane Gas Booking

You already have an Indane gas link, but what happens if the cylinders run out? The easy response is that you book a new one, and even better, Indane allows you to book new cylinders both online and offline. Obviously, only registered customers have access to this programme.

Indane gas booking can be made over the phone using an IVRS service or online through their website, where customers can log in and book cylinders.
The cylinders can also be reserved using a mobile application.

List of Forms for Indane Gas, Bharat Gas and HP Gas Connection

In every Indian household, LPG connections have revolutionised fuel consumption. Customers can get LPG gas connections from either Indane Gas, Bharat Gas, or HP Gas. To obtain an LPG connection from either of the above providers, applicants must go to the nearest dealer with the required documentation, such as proof of age and address. Applicants will, however, be required to fill out and submit such forms in addition to KYC papers, depending on their needs.

For example, if they want to sign up for a gas subscription for the first time, you must first download the Ujjwala KYC Application form, fill it, and submit it. Individuals who do not have KYC documentation must also receive, fill out, and apply the Condensed KYC form.

Why Use LPG?

No question moving to LPG at home has a range of distinct advantages.

The benefits are so convincing that some states have embarked on a mission to ensure that every household in their jurisdiction has access to LPG and the consumers are arming themselves with grants provided by central and state governments.

So, what exactly is it about LPG that is so appealing? The reason is that LPG is cheaper and safer than kerosene and wood, and is used for cooking and fuel in cars. In addition, it has benefits to store and is more effective to burn.

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How do I book gas online?

Go to your LPG provider’s website (HP, Bharat Gas, or Indane) and register to order a cylinder online. If you’ve done so, you’ll be able to schedule a refill online. Then, follow the on-screen directions and pay by credit/debit card or cash on arrival.

How do I book gas from mobile?

For this, one must dial 9911554411 from the registered cell phone.
Call 9911554411 for more information.
Please include the phone number of your Indane distributor, as well as the STD code.
Please include your consumer number.
Confirm the LPG gas cylinder booking.
The confirmation of your LPG Gas reservation will be sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS.

How do I book gas on WhatsApp?

Customers can book LPG refills by texting the word ‘REFILL’ to 7588888824 on WhatsApp.

✅ How do we book gas from another number?

Customers of Indane can now reserve an LPG cylinder by dialling the new number 7718955555. They can now make reservations via WhatsApp as well. In addition, customers can schedule LPG refills by texting ‘REFILL’ to 7588888824 on WhatsApp.