HP Gas

HP Gas

HP Gas is the arm of HPCL, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, which supplies LPG. There are 44 HP Gas plants in the country. The capacity of these plants altogether is 3610 thousand metric tons for each annum. Each cycle directly from the bottling of the gas to its distribution is thoroughly analysed. 

HP Gas new connection online/ HP Gas new connection offline

  • A client can straightforwardly visit for an HP Gas new connection in their general vicinity of residence and register for another connection by giving the relevant documents to the HP gas distributor. 
  • The client needs to get a KYC Form from the HP gas focus, take a print out and properly fill it with the subtleties required. 

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Documents required for HP Gas new connection

Proofs of Address:

  • Utility Bill with Ration Card (Electricity Bill, Water, or Landline Telephone Bill).
  • Passport Rental/Lease Agreement.
  • Certificate of Registration of the House.
  • Employer’s Certificate
  • Voter’s ID
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Bank Passbook among other items.

Proofs of Identification

  • Passport
  • PAN Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Photo-bearing Bank Passbook issued by the Central/State Government.

You’ll get a new link in less than a week after this phase is completed.

List of Forms for HP Gas Connection

By uploading the necessary documents, HP gas connections can be booked both online and offline. Subsidies are open to all, but many from higher economic strata have heeded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call and voluntarily given up their subsidies so that the benefit can reach those who need it most.
Applicants who want to get an HP gas link will fill out a variety of forms. The related forms may be obtained depending on the applicant’s requirements. The Ujjwala KYC Application form is for those who are getting an HP Gas connection for the first time and Ujjwala KYC – Undertaking for availing loan is for those who wish to take a loan to purchase a gas stove/regulator/gas connection from HP Gas.

For the list of all the forms visit HP gas forms.

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How to locate your HP Gas distributors?

Steps for HP gas distributor:

  • Visit the HP Gas distributor portal
  • Specify whether the SBU is for LPG or retail.
  • Enter your state of residence after choosing the type of SBU.
  • Go to your home’s neighbourhood.
  • In the customer check box, select the ‘all’ option.

Transferring Your HP Gas Connection

Connection transfer from one HP gas supplier to another happens when a client relocates his or her residence to a different location, either within the same town or to a different city or state, depending on the circumstances. This can be done both online and offline, that is, in person.

HP Gas Offline Transfer Process:

If you are unhappy with the online transfer process, you can contact your distributor directly.

The service provider will notify you of the required regulations and steps to take. It involves obtaining and properly filling out a relation transfer form.

Transfer Your HP LPG Gas Connection within the Same City and Out of the City:

Within the same city, follow these steps to move your HP gas connection:
You will receive an e-CTA once your connection transfer form has been sent to your distributor (Consumer Transfer Advice). This is the code of agreement for the production of your subscription voucher, so keep it secure (SV).

When you submit your transfer application form, you will be given a termination voucher (TV). However, before leaving, you must surrender your cylinder and regulator. The cost of the same will be reimbursed. You must surrender your old Domestic Consumer Gas Card to enrol with your new service provider.

Book Your Refill Cylinder At any time:

States / Areas Phone Number
Delhi & NCR 99909 23456
Bihar & Jharkhand 95071 23456
Andhra Pradesh 96660 23456
Gujarat 98244 23456
Haryana 98129 23456
Jammu & Kashmir 90860 23456
Himachal Pradesh 98820 23456
Kerala 99610 23456
Karnataka 99640 23456
Tamil Nadu 90922 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 96690 23456
Maharashtra & Goa 88888 23456
Punjab 98556 23456
Rajasthan 78910 23456
Uttar Pradesh 98896 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W) 81919 23456
Puducherry 90922 23456
Odisha 90909 23456
West Bengal 90888 23456

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HP Gas new connection online

To enlist for HP gas on the web, follow the steps referenced underneath: 

  • Visit HP Gas new connection enlistment portal. This will take you to the page where enlistment for another HP gas connection should be possible.
  • In the wake of tapping on the connection and visiting the HP gas new enlistment page, keep your ID card and address evidence prepared with you. 
  • You can likewise pick enlistment using the e-KYC office. This methodology takes out the prerequisite of having a character confirmation and addresses the evidence report with you while enlisting for another connection. The solitary prerequisite for enrolling through e-KYC is that the current telephone number should be connected with your Aadhar card. 
  • When you have all the necessary documents, upload documents and click on the submit button. After the application’s fruitful accommodation, you will get a reference number utilised to follow the application status. 
  • In the subsequent stage, you need to pay the expenses demanded by HP for acquiring another connection. The expenses can be paid by charge card, Visa or utilising net banking. 
  • After the instalment, enter the name of your HP gas distributor.
  • Rundown of Forms for HP Gas Connection 
  • For Gas booking visit – dialabank.com Gas booking for HP Gas information.

HP gas connection can be reserved both online and offline by giving the required documents. Sponsorships are accessible for everybody, though numerous people who come from higher financial layers have adhered to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s request and have willfully surrendered their subsidiary so the advantage could arrive to the individuals who require it the most.

There are various forms that need to be filled by the candidates who wish to get an HP gas connection. In light of the candidate’s requirements, the relevant forms can be acquired. These forms include – Ujjwala KYC Application form, which is intended for the individuals who are acquiring an HP Gas connection, interestingly; Ujjwala KYC form is for obtaining an advance if candidates can’t stand to pay for an LPG connection; Simplified KYC documents for the individuals who don’t have KYC documents, etc.

These forms can be downloaded online by clicking here: HP Gas Online Form.

Note-: link your adhaar card with the Gas connection.

How to find your HP Gas distributors? 

To find your HP gas distributor, follow the steps referenced underneath: 

Visit the HP Gas distributor portal. 

  • Then, enter whether the SBU is LPG or retail. 
  • In the wake of entering the kind of SBU, enter your condition of residence. 
  • Then, enter the locale of your residence. 
  • The last advance is to choose the ‘all’ choice in the client check box. 
  • In the wake of entering all the previously mentioned subtleties, you will actually want to find your HP gas distributor. 

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HP Gas Online Transfer Process 

Nowadays, everyone inclines toward online exchanges. Since you are, as of now, an HP client, kindly follow the steps referenced beneath to move your LPG gas connection on the web. Open your authority HP gas site (landing page).

  • Drop the rundown from the Quick Link segment on the HP Gas site landing page 
  • From the dropped list, kindly pick your particular HP Gas Customer Zone. 
  • It will take you to another page where you have two options, one for the current partner and the other for non-individuals. 

Being an old partner, you can sign in to your HP gas record and put in the exchange demand by rounding out the relevant exchange application structure and submitting it. Non Members also can undoubtedly tackle their difficulty by getting/themselves recorded first. This should be possible by a solitary snap, and you may agree with the given guidelines at that point or later. Also, you can book cylinder tops off and avail other services provided by HP Gas.

You can choose the specific form, fill it appropriately and submit it. You may also connect with your distributor if you are not happy with online exchange measures. The distributor will educate you regarding the necessary guidelines and steps you need to take. It involves getting a connection move structure and submitting it after filling it properly.

HP Gas customer feedback or complaint system

You can file a report in the HP Gas Complaint/Feedback System if you have any grievances or questions about the HP gas connection that you have taken. The following information needs to be filled in:

  • The first question that a consumer must answer is whether or not they use HP petrol.
  • After that, type in the HP gas LPG ID.
  • Fill in the state where you live.
  • Join the area where you live.
  • Choose an HP gas distributor.
  • Enter your customer number after choosing the dealer.
  • Then, pick the sort of query you’d like to send.
  • The final move is to specify whether the complaint is about a PAHAL (DBTL) problem or about something else.

Safety tips for HP Gas customers

It is significant to be conscious of all safety measures when using volatile products. The following are some safety tips for HP gas customers:

Rubber tubing: When dealing with the cylinder’s rubber tubing, remember the following safety precautions:

  • Rubber tubing of ISI quality is required.
  • The rubber tubing should be as small as possible. It has a maximum length of 1.5 metres.

Pressure Regulator: One of the most critical components in a cylinder is the pressure regulator. It manages the gas pressure and ensures that it hits the hot plate at all times. The following are some of the situations that can arise when using a pressure regulator, as well as the measures to take to deal with them:

When connecting the filled cylinder, note the following safety precautions:

  • First, the customer must remove the protective cap.
  • The cord that is pulled can be used to remove the safety cap. Lift the cap of the cylinder’s valve while holding the cord in the same place.

For more information -: dialabank.com

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✅What documents are needed for the installation of a new HP gas connection?

You need to submit various KYC documents, including residence proof and identity proof.

✅What is the price for new connection HP gas?

Regulator Price: Rs. 2,900/- (Refundable Deposit for One Regulator)  Rs. 150/- for the regulator and Rs. 75-90/- for the hose.

✅How much does an HP gas cylinder cost without a subsidy?

The price of HP gas will vary from one state to another daily.

✅How can I check the LPG subsidy?

You can go to the official HP gas website, then click on check ‘PAHAL status’.