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Diesel Price in West Bengal Today (Jul 26 2024)

Diesel Price today in West Bengal ... per litre.

The diesel price in West Bengal is currently set by state-owned oil firms using the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ process.

You will also read how diesel prices are measured in West Bengal and how they relate to other states’ prices. Find the current West Bengal diesel price and the factors that affect the price of diesel in India and the highest and lowest prices in West Bengal over the course of a month.

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Change In Prices of Diesel in West Bengal (Today & Yesterday)

State Today Yesterday Rate Change
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Last 10 days Diesel Rate in West Bengal

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Diesel Price in All Cities of West Bengal

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State-wise Diesel Prices

Diesel Prices in Major Cities

The trend of Diesel Price in West Bengal for March 2021 (Prices per litre):

Month March
Opening date price Rs.84.33/litre
Closing date price Rs.83.73/litre
Highest price Rs.84.33/litre on the 1st
Lowest price Rs.83.73/litre on the 31st
Trend Downward
% Change -0.71%

The trend of Diesel Price in West Bengal for February 2021 (Prices per litre):

Month February
Opening date price Rs.80.06
Closing date price Rs.84.33
Highest price Rs.84.33 on 27th and 28th February
Lowest price Rs.80.06 on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd February
Trend Upward
% Change 6.51%

The trend of Diesel Price in West Bengal for January 2021 (Prices per litre):

Month January
Opening date price Rs.77.41litre
Closing date price Rs.80.06/litre
Highest price Rs.80.06 from 27th to 31st January
Lowest price Rs.77.41 on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd January
Trend Upward
% Change 3.59%

The trend of Diesel Price in West Bengal for December 2020 (Prices per litre):

Month December
Opening date price Rs.75.96/litre
Closing date price Rs.77.41/litre
Highest price Rs.74.41/litre Recorded on the 15th & 25th.
Lowest price Rs.75.96/litre recorded on 1st
Trend Upward
% Change 2.13%

The trend of Diesel Price in West Bengal for November 2020 (Prices per litre):

Month November 
Opening date price Rs.74.02/litre
Closing date price Rs.75.96/litre
Highest price Rs.75.96/litre recorded on 30th
Lowest price Rs.74.02/litre recorded on 1st
Trend Upward
% Change 2.75%

The trend of Diesel Price in West Bengal for October 2020 (Prices per litre):

Month October
Opening date price Rs.74.02/litre
Closing date price Rs.74.02/litre
Highest price Rs.74.02/litre
Lowest price Rs.74.02/litre
Trend stable
% Change 0%

How often Diesel Prices are Revised in West Bengal

The daily revision is a new fuel pricing system that began on June 16, 2017, in India. Under the new system, all fuel bunks around the state will change diesel prices on a regular basis. Because all state-run oil marketing companies introduced routine revision, diesel prices have been gradually increasing. Both automatic diesel bunks can change diesel prices on a regular basis. Both non-automated diesel bunks may undergo manual revisions. The below are some of the main features of a standard revision system:

  • Prices will be revised every day at 6:00 a.m.
  • Diesel consumers will follow market patterns.
  • The framework simplifies the estimation of fuel prices.
  • Bunk operators would be able to implement efficient inventory control procedures.
  • The federal government and the states are not allowed to share in the price of oil.

Factors Affecting Diesel Price in West Bengal

The abundance of crude oil has a major effect on the price of gasoline in all parts of the world, including West Bengal. When the supply of oil is smaller than expected, the price will rise. Oil supply levels can fluctuate depending on demand and fabrication. The consistency of the oil is also important. Another factor to remember is the current and potential market for crude. If there is a decrease in oil demand, the diesel price will decline in the domestic market and vice versa.

The oil futures market, fluctuations in the USD/INR conversion rate, political factors, weather conditions, and other factors all influence diesel prices in West Bengal and other states. The price of crude oil will be affected in world markets if oil-producing countries announce a supply cut. As a result, West Bengal’s current diesel levels have been affected. The Factors influencing crude oil prices:

The price of crude oil would go up if:

  • Crude oil demand is on the rise.
  • Unfavourable environmental conditions cause oil production to be halted.
  • The INR is losing ground against the US dollar.

The price of crude oil will fall if:

  • The appetite for crude oil has been consistent.
  • Climate conditions have little impact on oil production operations.
  • The INR is losing support against the US dollar.

State Taxes and Diesel Price in West BengalDiesel Price in West Bengal

The state’s fuel prices are set and revised by oil marketing firms or OMCs. They play a significant role in providing fuel to India’s end consumers. To start with, OMCs borrow crude oil from oil-producing countries. The crude oil will be shipped to refining centres. The refined oil, which is gasoline, is then sold at retail stations around the world. 

Effect of GST on West Bengal Diesel Price

The Goods and Services Levy, as we all know, is essentially an indirect tax that replaces previous taxes. It is one of the most beneficial amendments. Many citizens are unaware that diesel and gasoline are exempt from the GST. As a result, the new diesel rate in West Bengal has little to do with the GST scheme. The addition of diesel will lower fuel prices for end consumers, but it is likely that both the Central Government of India and the State Government of West Bengal will lose money. As a result, diesel is actually exempt from the GST tax scheme.

News Diesel Price in West Bengal Today: 


For the last three days, the revision of petrol and diesel Prices has been halted. As a result, the petrol and diesel pump prices in the capital remained unchanged at Rs 90.56 and Rs 80.87 per litre, respectively, from the previous day.


Petrol prices have been reduced by 22 paise, and diesel prices have been reduced by 23 paise.

Fuel prices have shown a decline after six months on March 24 and March 25, as global oil prices plunged on the prospect of a rapid recovery in demand, which was clouded by the second round of COVID-19 data.


Petrol and diesel prices in the country’s major metro cities have remained unchanged thanks to state-controlled Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). Petrol costs Rs.69.93 per litre in Delhi, and diesel costs Rs.63.84 per litre, both unchanged from yesterday’s prices. Due to reduced taxes, fuel prices in Delhi are lower than in other metro cities and some state capitals. Petrol costs Rs.72.19 per litre in Kolkata, while diesel costs Rs.65.76. Similarly, in Mumbai, petrol costs Rs.75.63 per litre and diesel cost Rs.66.93 per litre, both unchanged from yesterday’s prices.

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FAQ’s For Diesel Price in West Bengal Today 

✅ How are diesel prices in West Bengal calculated?

The following table is used to calculate the average cost of fuel per litre:

Retail price = crude oil cost + refinery transfer cost + oil marketing companies’ profit margin + commission paid to vendors + excise tax + state levies (VAT) + emission cess

✅ What was the trend of diesel price in the middle of 2018?

The movement in diesel prices is used to determine the trend in diesel prices across India. A complex fuel pricing system is used to determine fuel prices.

The fuel companies used the complex fuel pricing method, also known as the regular revision scheme, to check the cost of diesel in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal for the whole month.

The exchange rate must be taken into account because crude oil is borrowed from other countries in India, and crude oil prices are used to reprice diesel every day.

The price will go up, down, or stay the same under the regular revision scheme, depending on the price of crude oil and the exchange rate. The price remained unchanged for the first four days, then increased slightly in the second week. It crashed once more in the third week. In terms of diesel prices in West Bengal, there was no noticeable change this month. The cause for this was a marginal decrease in the price of crude oil per barrel (monthly average) and a marginally lower INR. The peak average for the month was Rs.71.06 per litre, and the closing date price was Rs.70.61 per litre.