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Diesel Rate in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is India’s third-largest state (by area) and second-most populous state. It is also the richest state in the country, with an economy based primarily on industrial output. The state accounts for roughly one-fourth of India’s industrial output and more than a quarter of the country’s GDP. Rajasthan has an extensive multi-modal transportation network. The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) operates the state’s road transportation, which provides affordable public road transportation.

The state-run buses known as State Transport (ST) are the preferred mode of transportation for the majority of people living in the state’s various cities and districts. Taxis, auto-rickshaws, and private vehicles make up the state’s private transportation. With more people relying on-road transportation and people in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur relying on private vehicles on a daily basis, the demand for diesel in Rajasthan is likely to be high. The various factors that affect diesel rates in the state, the taxes levied by the state and federal governments on diesel, the daily revision of diesel prices in Rajasthan, and other interesting facts about the fuel are discussed below.

How often Diesel Rates are Revised in Rajasthan

Diesel Price In RajasthanDiesel prices in Rajasthan have been changing on a regular basis since June 2017. The country implemented the dynamic fuel pricing technique, which resulted in a change in domestic fuel prices that corresponded to global crude prices. The main goal of regular price changes was to maintain transparency in the pricing of fuel prices, as well as to pass on savings to customers whenever global fuel prices fell. The new diesel prices will be reflected at all fuel filling stations beginning at 6 a.m. It is recommended that end users check diesel prices before going to the fuel filling stations.

Factors Affecting Diesel Rate in Rajasthan

Diesel prices in Rajasthan, like in the rest of India, fluctuate on a daily basis. Diesel pricing in India is determined by a number of factors. While only a few of them have a daily impact on diesel prices, others have an infrequent impact. International crude oil prices and the US dollar to Indian rupee currency exchange rate are two factors that influence diesel prices on a daily basis. India imports 70 per cent of its oil from other countries. As a result, diesel prices in India are directly related to global crude oil prices. Because crude oil prices are volatile and change on a daily basis, diesel prices in India are updated accordingly.

The currency exchange rate is the second factor that influences diesel prices on a daily basis. Because crude oil trade is typically conducted in US dollars, the daily fluctuation of the dollar value has an impact on diesel prices.
Aside from the daily impacting components, other operating costs that are factored into diesel pricing include state and federal government taxes, marketing costs, transportation costs, dealer margins and commissions, and other operating costs.

State-level taxes, for example, have an impact on the diesel price in Rajasthan. Diesel is subject to value-added tax (VAT) in all 29 Indian states. The tax rate varies by state because the respective governments are free to set their own taxes. As a result of the tax imposed by the Rajasthan government, the diesel price in the state differs from that of other states. The central government, like the states, imposes a tax on diesel known as excise duty. Diesel excise duty remains the same across all states.

Any changes to the tax would have an impact on diesel prices in all states. One such move that affected diesel prices in all Indian states was the recent reduction in excise duty on petrol and diesel in October 2017. Profit margins, commission, and other operating charges are other factors that have a minor impact on diesel prices. Despite the fact that these charges are relatively low, any changes to them may have an impact on diesel prices.

State Taxes and Diesel Price in Rajasthan

In India, the central government and state governments levy separate taxes on diesel. The central government’s tax is called excise duty, and the state-based tax is called value-added tax. The central government tax will be the same across the country, while the state tax varies from one state to the next. The state-based value-added tax in Rajasthan is 24.17 per cent.

Effect of GST on Rajasthan Diesel Price

Petrol and diesel are exempt from the goods and services tax (GST). Excise duty and VAT, which are levied by the state government, are also factors in the retail price of gasoline and diesel.

How are Diesel Prices in Rajasthan Responding to GST?

To provide relief to Rajasthan residents, the state government has reduced VAT by 2% on both petrol and diesel. In Rajasthan, petrol has been sold at 93.94 per litre and diesel at 86.02 per litre for the last three days. In Rajasthan, a litre of petrol costs 92.51 rupees and a litre of diesel costs 84.62 rupees.

Diesel Cost versus Petrol Cost in Rajasthan

In Jaipur, the price of petrol is Rs. 93.94 per litre and diesel is Rs. 86.02 per litre.

Also, check Diesel rates in Punjab.

News Snippets

OMCs keep diesel prices constant across the major cities on Monday

State-owned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) decided on Monday to keep diesel prices consistent across the country’s major cities. The decision to keep rates unchanged was made despite the fact that the futures of Brent crude, the global benchmark for oil prices, continued to fall due to concerns about demand following the coronavirus outbreak. Following Monday’s price increase, a litre of diesel in the national capital now costs Rs.64.70. In the metropolitan city, rates have fallen by Rs.1.52 per litre so far this month. A litre of petrol cost Rs.67.80 in Mumbai, Rs.67.02 in Kolkata, and Rs.68.32 in Chennai, the other three major cities.

OMCs charged Rs.65.01 and Rs.64.12 for a litre in non-metropolitan cities like Noida and Gurugram, respectively. Because of lower taxes, diesel prices are the lowest in New Delhi among all metropolitan cities and most state capitals. It should be noted that fuel prices in the country are revised in accordance with the dynamic pricing scheme. The rates are determined by a 15-day average of international oil prices and the rupee-dollar exchange rate, according to the mechanism. Because India imports 80 per cent of its total crude requirements, OMCs adopted this scheme.

India’s Government Bonds Incline Amid Slump in Oil Prices

Government bonds rose today as oil prices fell in the international market and market participants bet on a solid drop in core inflation in May, which would support the case for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to lower interest rates. The 10-year benchmark 7.26 per cent, 2029 ended today at 101.70 rupees or 7.01 per cent yield, down from 101.53 rupees or 7.04 per cent yield on Tuesday. After finishing largely unchanged on Tuesday at $53.27 per barrel, oil for July delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell significantly today, with the contract last trading at $51.79.

Because India imports more than 90% of its oil, a drop in oil prices has a calming effect on inflation and relieves pressure on government finances. Oil prices have dropped more than 13% in the last month, prompting the RBI to lower the repo rate at its monetary policy review last week. The rate cut last week was the third this year. The headline retail inflation rate is currently less than the RBI’s medium-term target of 4% and the downward trajectory of oil prices has given bond traders hope that the RBI will cut the repo rate again. The RBI kept hopes of another cut alive last week by shifting its monetary policy stance from neutral to accommodative.

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What is the average price of diesel in Rajasthan?

In Rajasthan, the average price of diesel is 90.2.

What is the most expensive Diesel price in Rajasthan?

The most expensive Diesel price in Rajasthan is 93.08, as of 02 April 2021.

What is the most affordable Diesel price in Rajasthan?

On 02 April 2021, the cheapest Diesel price in Rajasthan was 88.9.

Which city in Rajasthan has the cheapest Diesel price?

With 88.9, Kota has the lowest Diesel price in Rajasthan.