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Petrol Price in Chennai Today (Jun 16 2024)

The price of Petrol in Chennai is at ... today.

The total petrol prices in the city of Chennai have been turning very volatile, as crude oil prices have also been showing a firm trend. It is also essential to check today’s petrol price in Chennai, which is at ... (Jun 16 2024), especially if you are going for a long-distance drive. Remember, petrol and diesel prices are revised daily. The rupee has become cheaper against the USD, which has made the petrol prices in Chennai to be much expensive than in the past. It is also hoped that the government can significantly reduce excise duties to enable rates to become very cheap in the coming days.

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Historical Petrol Price in Chennai

The trend of Petrol Rate in Chennai, Feb 2022
1st Feb: Rs. 101.40
18th Feb: Rs. 101.40
The highest rate in February 101.40 on February 18th
Lowest Rate in February 101.40 on February 1st
Overall performance: Rising
% Change: +3.93%

Petrol Price in Chennai

The city of Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India, Chennai is TamilNadu’s capital. It is meant to be part of the Chennai capital area or the Greater Chennai, which includes Chennai. The city is spread over 426 sq. Km and is well operated by transportation through two and four-wheelers. Chennai’s transports rely on fuel to support its economy as well as growing transportation. Petrol has become a very crucial commodity due to the growing vehicle density in this city. The petrol price of Chennai is also determined by the Global Crude or Unrefined Oil Cost, Excise Duty and Value Added Tax, Dealer Commission, and the Pollution Cess.

Cost of the Global Crude Oil: As stated, India buys crude oil from the oil-producing countries and crude oil costs, which are very dynamic and modified depending on many factors such as increased demand, supply shortages, production cuts, or geopolitical conflicts. Some factors influence the full price we also purchase for one litre of petrol in Chennai. Since India purchases crude oil in US dollars, any exchange rate adjustment always affects Chennai’s petrol price and other cities across India.

VAT: Petrol prices always include taxes that the federal government and the states pay. And also the centre charges this excise duty per litre of the petrol price.

Dealer’s commission: The oil refineries or the fuel stations are run to the store and dispense petrol to the customers. The suppliers also make more profit in the total price of petrol before being marketed among fuel consumers.

Why is The Petrol Price of Chennai Updated Regularly?

The petrol prices are updated regularly under the current ‘dynamic fuel pricing of the system. Until July 2017, petrol prices were also updated every fortnight by considering the US dollar exchange rate and the average global crude oil price. However, this process did not allow the dealers to raise or decrease the total price if there were any crude oil fluctuations. The new strategy was implemented to supply fuel at the crude oil price of the previous day and the US dollar’s global exchange rate to reduce the losses. The rise in the international price of this crude oil would also raise India’s current petrol price and vice versa.

Ways to Check The Petrol Rate in Chennai

With the latest pricing system in place, the current petrol price is significantly more or less different from those of the few days. Noticing today’s petrol price in a city is complicated; however, OMCs have always established most verifying the petrol price daily.

The mobile Apps: The oil firms have also unveiled their corresponding mobile apps for all the regular monitoring or reviewing of the petrol price. IOC has released this ‘Fuel@IOC’ app, or SmartDrive app can be used by the BPCL consumers, whenever HPCL has released the ‘MY HPCL’ app to search the current petrol cost in the specific area.

Via SMS:

To check the petrol rate of Chennai Via SMS, follow some of the basic details below.

IOC: SMS RSP dealer code as well as the send this to 9224992249.

HPCL: SMS HP PRICE dealer code and send this to 9222201122.

BPCL: SMS RSP dealer code and send it to 9223112222.

Via website: Besides, fuel the customers can visit the specific OMC website to find the latest petrol in Chennai.

Apart from that, all customers can visit Dialabank regularly to find the best and the right petrol price of all the cities, including Chennai.

How is Petrol Rate Calculated in Chennai?

The crude oil rates, the full cost of the refinery, the retailer’s commission, the total profit margin of these OMCs, the state VAT already imposed on the petrol, and the excise duty imposed on petrol are some of the main components which decide the retail selling price (RSP) of petrol in this city. Crude oil is always traded globally in US dollars. The oil markets are influenced by all of the global supplies, supply as well as demand across significant countries, natural factors, and the exchange rate of the USD against global currencies.

Nationally, the full price of refineries varies and is the price of refining crude oil into petrol through oil manufacturing firms. The Oil Marketing Companies whole then enforces a specific portion of the whole profit margin on the litre of fuel sold to retail distributors. The rates also charged to retail petrol dealers are then imposed by both the state governments and the central governments. In all regions of the whole country, including Chennai, the central excise duty tends to be the same, primarily with the petrol price model. This State Value Added the Tax framework for petroleum products differs from state to state across India.

How is The Petrol Price in Chennai Revised?

Petrol Price in ChennaiTo adjust the fuel prices, India has some following dynamic fuel pricing mechanisms currently in operation. This type of dynamic fuel pricing is a system for fuel pricing that always considers fuel prices regularly, relying on the crude oil markets and currency exchange rates. In June 2017, after a pilot operating in some cities across India, the complete method was established in India.

The United States of America, Australia, and Russia are other countries that are also following this new mechanism for petrol pricing to maintain smooth cash flow, the economy as well as transparent petrol price. Let’s examine the benefits of dynamic fuel pricing. The petrol price adjustment is undertaken all day morning at 06:00 a.m. The price of petrol will be modified automatically by all these automated filling stations. All non-the automated refuelling stations will manually adjust this correct price of petrol.

Distributors can very only manage working capital efficiently. This type of mechanism always allows dealers to have craftier stock or stock control Adjustments in crude oil prices, and INR / USD rates will be immediately transferred to end-users. By downloading smartphone apps of the oil marketing companies like Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, and Shell Oil, Chennai’s petroleum, every customer can monitor the current petrol price. Or they can either go via SMS or customer support facilities. Through all the mechanisms, petrol consumers of Chennai can very track the correct and transparent petrol price of the city of Chennai.

OMCs’ Mobile Apps To Track The Transparent Petrol Price of Chennai

The total fuel prices in the region of the nation are always revised regularly. All petrol customers in Chennai also face some barriers to monitor the accurate and transparent petrol price of this city of Chennai. It is not just for petrol consumers in Chennai, but all the petrol consumers also face problems in every other city across the country. India’s pioneering oil companies, such as the Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum, have been able to keep up-to-date with the latest petrol price in the city of Chennai as well as other areas in diverse manners for the users of fuel, such as SMS, smartphone applications as well as the customer support.

Through some of the following such tactics, petrol consumers can forget about assessing the city’s correct petrol price. And apart from the old concept of so-called SMS or these toll-free numbers, modern petrol customers in the electronic age can easily browse and install the related OMCs’ mobile apps to view the current petrol rate every time as anywhere they want. After June 2017, India’s leading oil firms have already launched the Dynamic Fuel Pricing system, leading to a regular revision of petrol prices across India’s states or cities.

Owing to specific reasons, such as state taxes, currency volatility, and more, petrol rates, appear to differ regularly. These smartphone apps, also developed by the oil companies, allow you to witness your Chennai city or Chennai’s transparent petrol price. Below are the mobile applications that make you keep a lookout without missing the pleasure with the new update and the exact petrol price of Chennai.

The Trend of Petrol Price in Chennai for February 2022

The trend of Petrol Rate in Chennai, Feb 2022
1st February: Rs. 101.40
18th February: 101.40
The highest rate in February was 101.40 on February 18th
Lowest Rate in February 101.40 on February 1st
Overall performance: Rising
% Change: +3.93%

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What is today’s Petrol price in Chennai?

Today’s Petrol price in Chennai is 88.41 ₹/L per litre.

What was the highest Petrol price in Chennai?

The highest Petrol price in Chennai was ₹87.41 per litre on 18th February 2021.

When was the highest Petrol price in Chennai?

At ₹ 88.41 per litre, the highest Petrol price in Chennai was recorded on 18th February 2021.

What is the current Petrol price in Chennai?

The current Petrol price in Chennai is ₹ 88.41 per litre.

What was the highest Petrol price in Chennai in the last 5 years?

The highest Petrol price in Chennai in the last 5 years was ₹ ₹88.41 per litre on 18th February 2021.

What was the highest Petrol price in Chennai in the last 10 years?

The highest Petrol price in Chennai in the last 10 years was ₹ 81.79 per litre on 29th August.

What was the highest Petrol price in Chennai in 2020?

The highest Petrol price in Chennai in 2020 was ₹ Rs.82.68 per litre on 31 December 2020.

What was the lowest Petrol price in Chennai in 2020?

The lowest Petrol price in Chennai in 2020 was ₹ Rs.80.93 per litre on 04 January 2020.

What was the highest Petrol price in Chennai in 2021?

The highest Petrol price in Chennai in 2021 was ₹ 88.41 per litre on 18th February 2021.

What was the lowest Petrol price in Chennai in 2021?

The lowest Petrol price in Chennai in 2021 was ₹ 84.54 per litre on 1st January 2021.


18th February 2021

Petrol Prices Hiked by Rs.0.06 on Sunday

State-run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on Sunday hiked the rates of petrol by Rs.0.06 across the country’s major cities. Following the increase in the prices, every litre of petrol was retailed for Rs.72.92 in the national capital. In the other metro cities of the country, i.e., Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai, one litre of petrol was sold for Rs.74.94. Rs.78.49 and Rs.75.68 respectively.

Petrol and Diesel Prices Kept Unchanged Today

On Thursday, state-owned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) kept petrol and diesel prices unchanged for the second straight day after a steep increase on Tuesday, the sixth day of fuel price revision. In Delhi, petrol costs Rs.71.27 per litre, while diesel is sold at Rs.65.90 per litre. In Mumbai, petrol is available at Rs.76.90 per litre and diesel Rs.69.01 per litre. In Chennai, petrol is available at Rs.73.99 per litre, while diesel is sold at Rs.69.62 per litre. Meanwhile, in Noida and Gurugram, petrol costs Rs.70.97 per litre and Rs.71.99 per litre, respectively, while the diesel price stands at Rs.65.06 litre and 65.67 per litre. In Faridabad, petrol and diesel prices are sold at Rs.72.21 per litre and Rs.65.89 per litre, respectively.

Diesel prices downfallen by Rs.14 per litre over the last two months

Diesel prices are reported to have fallen by 16 paise a litre across major cities in the country. Today, diesel is selling at a rate of Rs.64.66 a litre in Delhi; Rs.65 a litre in Bangalore; Rs.67.66 a litre in Mumbai, Rs.72.82 a litre in Chennai and Rs.66.40 a litre in Kolkata. Overseas crude oil prices neared a price range of $60 a barrel on Monday, 10 December 2018. The OPEC members declared to reduce the distribution cut since January 2019 by 1.2 million barrels per day.