Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
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Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam

Silver rates in Visakhapatnam are driven by demand, liquidity, and use of the white precious metal in a multitude of sectors, including photography, jewelry, silverware, and coinage. Gold and silver production patterns and usage differ, according to industry analysts, which has an impact on the precious metal’s long-term pricing. If the government increases duties on gold imports, demand for silver surges in Visakhapatnam.

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The Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam is 70.33 per gram Today and Silver Bar 1 Kg Rate is 70330. The current silver price in Visakhapatnam is 73.00 per gram, down from 73.00 yesterday. In Visakhapatnam, the price of 100 grams of silver is currently 7,300 rupees. In Visakhapatnam, a kilogram of silver costs 73,000 rupees.

Silver Rate in Visakhapatnam

Silver rate in Visakhapatnam

The silver rate in Visakhapatnam per gram Monday was INR 73.10, the silver price per metric tonne in Visakhapatnam was INR 852.62, the silver price per ounce in Visakhapatnam yesterday was INR 2,273.66, and also the silver price per kilogram in Visakhapatnam yesterday was INR 73,100.00. Today’s silver price per 10 gram in Visakhapatnam is INR 732.00, today’s silver price per sovereign is INR 585.60, today’s margin requirement per ten tolas in Visakhapatnam is INR 8,537.90, and today’s silver price is INR 585.60.

Visakhapatnam Silver Rate Today

Silver Price in Visakhapatnam

Silver Price Trend in Visakhapatnam


✅ When did Visakhapatnam’s silver rate approach its highest and lowest point?

The highest silver value in the last year was INR 99,990.00 per kilogram on 17-Dec-2020, while the lowest silver rate was INR 52,400.00 per kilogram on 25-Jun-2020. In the past year, the silver rate sank as low as INR 52.40 per gram on 25-Jun-2020 and went as high as INR 99.99 per gram on 17-Dec-2020.

✅ Is it a good idea to invest in silver in Visakhapatnam?

Silver can be used for several purposes, including jewelry and silverware, mirrors, electrical cables and batteries, dental alloys, and anti-bacterial medications, amongst others. Additionally, it has lower rates than gold.

✅ What is the market value of one kilogram of silver in Visakhapatnam?

Today the price of 1 kg silver in Visakhapatnam is ₹ 73,200.