Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account

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      Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account

      Average Monthly Balance Required
      Basic Savings Bank Deposit – Saral Savings Scheme Nil
      Savings Bank Account
      Computerized branches – Rs 500 with no cheque book and Rs 1000 with cheque book
      Non-computerized branches – Rs. 250 with no cheque book and Rs. 500 with cheque book
      Rural branches – Rs. 100 across all branches

      GOLD LOAN @ 0.75%*



      Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account

      The Punjab and Sind Bank is a Public area bank that was established in the year 1908. one of the oldest banks in India, its primary goal turned into offering financial guidance to the financially weak sections of Indian society. The Bank had its base inside the state of Punjab and flourished over the numerous years of its established order.

      In 1980, the government of India nationalised the bank and its headquarters at the moment are placed in New Delhi. As early as the 1960s, the Bank began its operations abroad, establishing a branch in London. As a gift they have got 1466 branches throughout the united states and operate 1268 ATMs, making it clean for people to have access to their finances irrespective of where they’re.

      Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account

      Features and Benefits of Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account

      There are many benefits to having a savings account with Punjab and Sind Bank.

      • Safe storage place for your cash
      • Different savings account for different needs of people.
      • Access your account easily via Internet Banking,SMS Bank or Net Banking.

      Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account Charges


      Minimum Balance Requirement
      Cheque Book Issued
      Cheque Book Not Issued
      Saral Savings Scheme Nil Not applicable Not applicable
      Savings Bank Account
      Computerised Branches- Rs. 1, 000
      Non-computerised Branches- Rs. 500
      Rural Branches- Rs.100
      Computerised Branches- Rs. 500
      Non-computerised Branches- Rs. 250
      Rural Branches- Rs. 100
      PSB Premier Savings Account Metro & Urban- Rs. 1, 00, 000
      Semi-rural & Rural- Rs. 50, 000
      Not applicable Not applicable

      Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account products

      The Punjab and Sind bank has some savings money owed to cater to the desires of its wide consumer base. The savings accounts presently presented through the Bank are indexed under.

      GOLD LOAN @ 0.75%*



      Saral savings Scheme: 

      This is a no-frills Bank deposit scheme that gives account holders the primary capabilities of a financial savings account. one of the advantages of this account is it’s far from a zero stability account. The account may be opened with a minimal balance of just Rs. 100/-, without a penal price for low account stability. The account is designed for clients who are not able to preserve a high stability in their account because of the nature in their work, which include artisans, labourers, and so on.

      Being a basic savings account, holders will receive an ATM card and may make 5 withdrawals in a month. they may be present to behave any transactions and the account stability must be beneath Rs. 50, 000 at any given time.

      Financial savings bank Account:

      The financial savings Bank account brought by the Bank presents account holders with the advantages related to a savings account without the need to preserve a high minimum stability. This account, which may be opened through people as well as societies, trusts and golf equipment, will receive an ATM card in addition to getting hold of a free passbook. Holders also can avail of a cheque ebook facility.

      PSB top-quality savings Bank Account: 

      A financial savings account focused on excessive net worth individuals, this account offers holders some services at no more rate. At the circumstance that the minimal balance inside the account is maintained, holders might be eligible for an unfastened ATM card in addition to one hundred personalised cheque leaves a 12 months (in metro and concrete areas) and 60 (in semi-rural and rural areas). Account holders can even enjoy waiving off of mortgage processing quantities for private/consumer/schooling loans. Holders will enjoy no coping with prices for coins deposits up to Rs. 3,00,000.

      Punjab and Sind Bank Savings Account Opening Process

      Individuals and entities trying to open a savings account with the bank can do so in easy and hassle loose techniques. The account commencing form may be downloaded from the bank’s internet site, saving customers the trouble of going to the branch to select up a shape. The form can be discovered on-line with the aid of clicking on the “apply Retail loan” tab at the Bank’s homepage. After printing and filling inside the details, clients can drop off the crammed in and signed shape alongside the understand Your patron (KYC) documents at their nearest branch. After verification of the details furnished, the customer might be provided with the Starter kit and might start the use of their account.

      Clients also can observe for an account offline. they can select up a form from any Punjab and Sind bank department. they will have to put up the duly stuffed in and signed shape with the KYC documents to their nearest bank department, upon which the Bank will verify the info furnished. as soon as this system is finished, the consumer can be issued with the Starter kit and might begin saving using the account.

      Documents Required for Savings Account opening in Punjab and Sind Bank

      Proof of Identity Documents

      The following documents can be submitted as proof of identity to open an Savings account

      • Official passport
      • driving license
      • Voter’s ID card
      • Government issued photo ID card or Defence Card
      • Aadhaar Card
      • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card
      • NREGA card
      • Proof of Address Documents:

      The following documents can be submitted as proof of address to open an Savings account

      • Passport
      • Official driving license
      • Voter’s ID card
      • Aadhaar card
      • Bills like electricity or phone bill
      • Bank account statement

      GOLD LOAN @ 0.75%*




      Can debit playing cards issued by using Punjab & Sind Bank be used at any ATM?

      Yes, the debit playing cards issued by using the bank can be used at any Bank’s ATMs to behave diverse banking transactions.

      What are the banking transactions one could carry out at Punjab & Sind Bank ATMs?

      Customers can perform the following transactions at any of the Punjab & Sind Bank ATMs using their ATM cum Debit playing cards 

      • cash withdrawal
      • balance Inquiry
      • Mini/statement
      • PIN change
      • Aadhaar seeding
      • OD facility for PMJDY money owed holders

      Is there a maximum cash withdrawal limit per day on debit cards?

      Sure, debit playing cards come with unique daily withdrawal limits depending on the account kind. normally, they have a maximum coins withdrawal limit of Rs.25000/- according to day for three withdrawals per day at an ATM machine. but, most restrict for POS/online buy restriction is Rs.1,00,000/- per day