Credit Card Misuse

How to Ensure Yourself against Credit Card Misuse

credit card miscue

With the growing use of plastic money, life has become simple; it has also increased the risk factors involved with it, like misuse of it by fraudsters.

The use of debit cards and credit cards is so easy. With these cards, so no need to carry money with you wherever you go. With the increasing risk of fraudsters, you cannot avoid through your card. Reserve Bank of India has made such factors for its confirmation.

Measures to safeguard yourself from Credit Card Misuse

The various services and products accessible in the market help you to choose the type of Credit Card you need at an individual level. The central bank of India has come up with a scenario of zero liability policy.

Some ways you can safeguard your plastic money in this physical world

  • Now the cards are convenient with the facility of zero liability, which will safeguard your cards from fraudsters. With the various choices available among the card, you can choose the one best for you. The facility of zero liability comes with high-end cards and areas connected with some cards only like HDFC Platinum cards, Private Lombard, etc. for this facility the cardholder doesn’t have to pay anything extra.
  • In-built insurance is beneficial for a customer if they don’t carry multiple cards with them. This facility also comes with membership fees, of RS 6000 and Rs 2,000 in case of platinum credit cards. This facility doesn’t stand up with the insurance of your card. This is only to kick in death or disability of the card owner.


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