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Telangana Grameena Bank

Telangana Grameena Bank

Telangana Grameena Bank has the potential to become a prominent regional rural bank. India’s depository banking institution sponsors this bank. It operates in 18 districts across the state and is regarded as one of the most sophisticated banks in the industry. The bank was formed by combining four RRBs sponsored by a banking firm in Hyderabad, namely Sri Saraswathi Grameena Bank in Adilabad, Sri Satavahana Grameena Bank Karimnagar, Sri Rama Grameena Bank in Nizamabad, and Golconda Grameena Bank in Ranga Reddy (Hyderabad). So if you’re looking for Telangana Grameena Bank Customer Care Balance Enquiry, you’ve come to the right spot.

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Telangana Grameena Bank Offerings

Telangana Grameena Bank offers various kinds of loans such as:

  • Car Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Home Loan

Telangana Grameena Bank offers various kinds of banking such as:

  • Net Banking
  • Customer Care
  • Balance Enquiry

Telangana Grameena Bank offers two kinds of Deposit Accounts such as:

  • Savings Account
  • Current Account

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Telangana Grameena Bank Loans Offered

  • Car Loan– The bank offers a wide range of business services and is very recognised and trustworthy. A used vehicle loan is a type of auto loan that is used to purchase and finance a used or pre-owned car.
  • Personal Loan– The Telangana Grameena Bank Personal Loan is provided to salaried and self-employed persons with repayment capacity at a 10.70% yearly interest rate.
  • Gold Loan– The Telangana Grameena Bank, founded in 1983, is a rural bank in Telangana that is supported by the State Bank of India (State bank of India). This bank is available in all of Telangana’s districts. The purpose of this bank is to provide financial assistance to the country’s common inhabitants. This bank offers a variety of services, including personal loans, gold loans, and home loans.
  • Home Loan– Qualified Non-Resident Indian Borrowers can get NRI home loans from Telangana Grameena Bank at a fixed interest rate beginning at 6.80 per cent. Female borrowers are eligible for special interest rate reductions. With variable interest rates, there are no prepayment penalties.

Telangana Grameena Bank Gold Loan

Gold Loan is an unsecured service in which the applicant deposits gold jewellery in the bank in exchange for the loan amount. The Gold Loan service is well-known since the paperwork required for this service are minimal. In addition, when compared to other lending services, the Gold Loan Interest Rate is relatively low.

  • No Debt Burden: If the applicant cannot repay the gold loan, the bank will auction off their jewellery to recover the debt. Following that, the applicant will not be required to pay anything.
  • Low-Interest Rates: The monthly interest rate on a gold loan starts at only 1%. As a result, repayment is more straightforward.
  • Farmers benefit from a lower interest rate: Furthermore, banks provide farmers with additional benefits such as lower borrowing rates and other fees.

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Telangana Grameena Bank Personal Loan

If an NRI is visiting briefly, obtaining a personal loan from a foreign lender may be challenging. They can, however, try to acquire a loan from an Indian bank since numerous institutions offer loans to NRIs with little bother and paperwork.

Telangana Grameena Bank offers NRIs personal loans with low-interest rates, quick loan processing, and little documentation. However, the primary borrower must be an Indian resident, while the co-borrower must be an NRI to obtain an NRI personal loan from Telangana Grameena Bank.

Telangana Grameena Bank Car Loan

Telangana Grameena Bank will assist you in obtaining a car loan to purchase your dream vehicle. You may receive a vehicle loan with low interest rates and flexible repayment duration. This simplifies the process of obtaining a loan. Dialabank’s team assists you in obtaining a loan from a variety of different lending options with simple terms and conditions.

  • Accounts Area: You may use this section to perform transactions on your Savings, Current, and Deposit accounts. It may also be used to make new deposits, check your balance, liquidate your deposits, read a summary, receive a statement, pay a cheque, and so on.
  • Check the status of your accounts: Perform a holdings query, review transaction statements, see client profiles, and request holdings statements, among other things, in the Demat area.
  • Funds Transfer: This area provides online services such as adding a beneficiary, establishing and reading standing instructions, changing the TPT limit, seeing the list of beneficiaries, and monitoring the progress of RTGS/IMPS payments, among other things.

Telangana Grameena Bank Home Loan

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Get a Telangana Grameena Bank Home Loan for your dream home with low-interest payments and simple repayments. Customers who want to buy a house, build a new one, or renovate their existing one can apply for a home loan. Telangana Grameena Bank can give you the finances you require. Moreover, you may return the money as you see fit since the Home Loan from Telangana Grameena Bank is flexible, simple, and hassle-free. Dialabank’s Home Loan specialists will walk you through the whole Home Loan procedure, and all services given by Dialabank are free of charge.

Telangana Grameena Bank Credit Card

Uttarakhand Gramin Bank Credit Card Bill Payment may be accomplished in various methods, all of which are quick and simple.

  • To apply, you must be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant’s age should be between 21 and 65 years old.
  • To be qualified, the applicant’s monthly salary must be at least Rs. 15,000.
  • Applicants might be from any field.
  • They should have an excellent credit rating.

Telangana Grameena Bank Net Banking

Using net banking is both convenient and straightforward. However, when it comes to Netbanking, you now have a variety of alternatives.

  • One of the most convenient ways to pay EMI using Netbanking is with a mobile phone, which allows you to pay your EMI even while you are not at home.

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  • Furthermore, EMIs may be paid for using Internet Banking.
  • Again, several other online banking methods are accessible, such as Paytm, Billdesk, NEFT, etc.

Telangana Grameena Bank Customer Care Number

Location Telangana Grameen bank customer care
Kagaznagar (M), Telangana 504296 9491041778
chaitanyapuri, Adilabad(U), Telangana 504001 18004251191
Ravindra Nagar, Telangana 504299 094910 41609
Karimnagar, Telangana 505001 0878 223 1670
Elkathurthy, Telangana 505476 18004251191

Telangana Grameena Bank Customer Complaints

  • Customers can visit the branch from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., for any questions, complaints, or difficulties (except 2nd and 4th Saturdays).
  • In case of any problems, the bank’s email address,, is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The bank’s toll-free lines are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer and resolve all of your questions.
  • Customers may also obtain account information and bank balance information by visiting the bank’s official website or leaving a message at 09278031313, and you will receive a notification as soon as possible.

How to Open a Savings Account in Telangana Grameena Bank

To open a Savings Account in Telangana Grameena Bank, you need to follow these steps:

Step1: Pay a personal visit to a Telangana Grameena Bank branch.

Step 2: Complete the Account Opening Form (AOF) for the Savings Account.

Step 3: Include with the Account Opening Form any required (mandatory) documents (AOF)

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Step 4: Account Opening Form (AOF) and Other Documents Verification by the Banker

Step 5: Make a minimum deposit into your Savings Account following the requirements of your Savings Account.

Step 6: Obtain from the bank a cheque book, passbook, debit card, and other documents.

How to Open a Current Account in Telangana Grameena Bank

To open a Current Account in Telangana Grameena Bank, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to a bank branch.

Step 2: Completing the Account Opening Form (AOF) for a Current Account

Step 3: Include with the AOF any required (mandatory) documents.

Step 4: Banker verification of AOF and other documents

Step 5: Make a minimum deposit into the account.

Step 6: Obtain a cheque book, a passbook, and other necessary documents from the bank.

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Telangana Grameena Bank FAQs

Is Telangana Grameena Bank a subsidiary of SBI?

SBH’s merger with SBI resulted in merging all regional rural banks supported by SBH with SBI. However, the SBH-sponsored Telangana Grameena Bank with 397 branches and the SBI-sponsored AP Grameena Vikas Bank with 498 branches operate under the same identities.

Is Telangana Grameena Bank the same as Deccan Grameena Bank?

“In the Second Schedule to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, the name of Deccan Grameena Bank has been changed to Telangana Grameena Bank,” the RBI stated in a notice. In an October 2014 announcement, the Union government changed the name of Deccan Grameena Bank to Telangana Grameena Bank (TGB).

What is the minimum deposit amount in Telangana Grameena Bank?

TGB saving account users in rural and semi-urban regions must have a minimum balance of Rs 500 and Rs 1500 in urban areas. The bank charges Rs 250 per month for failing to maintain the minimum amount in the account.